Volcon Turned Its Rugged Grunt e-Bike Into A Pint-Sized Trail Ripper For Kids

Late last autumn, a Texas-based startup known as Volcon launched its initial offering: the Grunt. Designed to be an emission-free utilitarian motorcycle, it boasted such off-road-ready items as bash plates for protection, chunky rubber for grip, and an IP67-rating for completely waterproof riding — all the while being powered by a fully-electric drivetrain.

With the announcement of the aptly-named ‘Runt,’ Volcon has applied its e-bike expertise to a tot-sized trail bike. And while it may be intended for kids, that’s not to say it’s any less capable of a model. On the contrary — powered by a 60V electric motor, it makes 60NM of torque with a top speed of 35mph and a maximum range of 35 miles. Should you want even more juice, the battery can be quickly swapped out while it recharges. But the best part is that thanks to its innovative geofencing feature, the Runt allows users to keep watch on their kids while they ride, with everything from area limiting to remote monitoring to tip-over notifications available through the accompanying app. You can secure one today for a $100 deposit, with prices starting at $2,995 and delivery slated for this summer.

Purchase: $2,995