Vivo’s APEX 2020 Is A Photo-Focused Smartphone With A Built-In Gimbal

As a large portion of the smartphone industry moves to capitalize on 5G and camera capability, there are companies that take the road less traveled. While not entirely deviated from the realm of relevancy, Vivo’s recently revealed concept phone, the APEX 2020, has touted some genre-defining tech that may, or may not make its way into future models.

That being said, the proposed Vivo APEX 2020 Smartphone answers to the direction of the current smartphone market when it comes to aesthetic appeal. It including things like a 6.45-inch “full-view edgeless” display, which utilizes 120-degree curved edges, a sleek, portless body, and an integrated 16-megapixel camera that’s been built directly into its display, instead of using a dedicated notch. To innovate upon current smartphone tech, the company has opted to include a cutting-edge “continuous optical zoom” — an evolution of the traditional fixed focal length/software wizardry that makes up a vast portion of today’s most prominent models. This allows the lens to zoom from 5x to 7.5x magnification using movable internal elements, complementing what is, perhaps, its most groundbreaking feature: an internal stabilization system that operates in the same way as a gimbal. The result: around 200-percent more stabilization for video and long-exposure photography. Head to Vivo’s website to learn more about the APEX 2020.

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