Vivo APEX 2019 Smartphone

Mar 12, 2019

Category: Tech

While a lot of big-name brands are putting all their faith in folding technology as the next big step in the smartphone industry, the folks at Vivo are betting instead on the power of touch. And if their 5G-ready APEX 2019 smartphone is any indication, they might be right on the money.

What you might first notice about this mobile device is its minimalist beauty — which is certainly intentional. You see, the APEX 2019 is completely devoid of any buttons or ports, swapping them out in favor of magnetic wireless charging and data transfer in conjunction with something called Touch Sense — a hybrid tech that combines capacitive touch with pressure sensing that can detect when a user is trying to change the volume, lock the screen, and more. There are also no external speakers, relying instead upon something called Body SoundCasting — which turns the whole bezel-less display into a speaker. Furthermore, the entirety of the screen can function as a fingerprint reader, meaning you don’t have to place your digits in a specific spot in order to unlock your device. All that and more is set to make this one of the most revolutionary smart devices the world has ever seen.

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