Vitreluxe Stump Whiskey Glasses

Many of the finest whiskeys are aged in oaken barrels, giving them that signature smoky flavor that burns so sweet as you sip it down. What better way to enjoy a glass of forest-inspired spirit than the Vitreluxe Oak Branch cocktail set, with glasses shaped in real oak-branch molds.

The process of vitrification is the transformation of a substance into glass, usually carried out within a mold. Vitreluxe made a bronze blow mold by casting an oak tree branch, and through the process of vitrification created glasses cast in the exact shape of the branch, down to the exact crevasses in the bark. The result is a set of beautifully textured cocktail glasses like cross-sections of translucent wood. It even comes with a nail stir stick to complete the collection. Hand finished by Lynn Read in Portland, Oregon, the glasses – or “stump cups” – are the perfect addition to any woodsman whiskey lover’s cabinet.

Purchase: $90