Visvo Novel High Tech Backpack

At what point does a backpack stop being a backpack and turn into something else entirely? German-based carry brand Visvo seems like they’re on a mission to find out with their new line of Novel High Tech Backpacks.

If they weren’t as well made as they are, the Novel line would come across more like a perverse experiment to see how much tech a person could fit onto their back rather than a functional piece of gear. But if you’re anything like us, reviewing the laundry list of items these bags pack will leave you wondering why no one else has thought of doing this yet. Not only do the packs feature a tough, waterproof fabric construction and large storage space, but they also boast bevy of high tech capabilities. Each bag comes packed with a 13,400 mAh power bank for charging devices, a pocket with Qi charing capabilities, and LED lights on the front strap and back for visibility while cycling at night. Drop your pack with your computer in it? No worries. The Novel bags have built-in shock absorption tech that disperses the force evenly. And those are only a few of the things this bag can do.

Kickstarter: $295