Mercedes-Benz Transforms The First Modern Car Into An All-Electric Ride

In 1901, the Mercedes 35 PS impressed onlookers at Race Week in Nice, dominating the competition and introducing the world to the first modern car. The legendary German car company created the Vision Mercedes Simplex to recall the pivotal 35 PS, blending heritage features and future technology, symbolizing a transition to a new era of automobile design.

The Simplex is a luxury aerodynamic two-seater with a radiator featuring a rose gold frame and large lens-shaped Black Panel 3D display that informs you about the status of the vehicle. Although it’s not meant to be driven, it’s housing four electric motors inside its fixed hubs of the outboard wheels. The one-of-a-kind ride also has leather details, filament taillights across the azure blue bench seat frame, and a steering column and hyper analog instrument panel taking cues from motorcycle designs. Not to mention the furniture-inspired bench seat features hand-made Chesterfield quilting, complementing the two-tone white and black color combination of the vehicle. The ride is a homage to the legacy of Mercedes-Benz, as well as a taste of things to come.

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