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This $2 Million British Hypercar Will Make 1,100HP And Run On Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Even though all-electric vehicles have only just started to become more commonplace, many automakers are already looking ahead to see what’s on the horizon. Among the more promising alternative energy solutions is hydrogen fuel cell technology, for it not only offers quicker charging times but also longer driving ranges than our current crop of battery-powered cars.

With the unveiling of the ‘Apricale,’ UK-based startup Viritech is claiming to be building “the world’s first production hydrogen hypercar.” Designed as both a showcase of technical expertise as well as a preview of the company’s upcoming commercial applications, it’ll make use of an innovative graphene-reinforced pressure vessel in which hydrogen storage tanks actually make up part of the chassis. At this point, Viritech has yet to release much in the way of performance specifications, but we do know that it’s shooting for a 1,100hp output. Considering how light the car will be because of its special construction, we imagine it’ll prove a regular rocket come time to hit the road. Limited to just 25 vehicles and costing about $2 million, you can expect deliveries by the end of 2023.

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