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Virgin’s Hyperloop Is One Step Closer To Reality With A West Virginia HQ

When Elon Musk released his Hyperloop Alpha white paper way back in 2013, he captivated the world with visions of futuristic high-speed train travel. Stretching from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the original Hyperloop concept would be autonomous, underground, and capable of speeds up to 760mph. After a successful full-scale test in 2017, Hyperloop One and Virgin Group agreed on a partnership that put Richard Branson at the helm and gave the project an added focus on mixed-cargo carrying capability.

The latest update in the Hyperloop saga comes in the form of an announcement unveiling the location for the new Certification Center: West Virginia. It’s a move that brings the Hyperloop concept that much closer to reality, as it’s the first step towards commercial application. The site will house a test track critical to ensuring the Hyperloop train is up to code and ready for deployment within the United States. With the Department of Transportation having already released a guidance document outlining the pathway to Hyperloop regulation, it looks as if the tech of tomorrow will become the train of today before we know it.

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