Here’s The First Official Look At UA’s Virgin Galactic Space Jumpsuits

Pilots take pride in their distinctive flight suits. Each unique garment is crafted and created to signify a style of flight, bringing sleek, utilitarian attributes to the table for wearers who spend their days traversing through the sky. But what about that small subset of individuals that breaks free of worldly confines? For those space-faring participants, a special exception must be made.

Preceding Virgin Galactic’s upcoming spaceflight, which is slated to begin on December 11th of this year, the brand needed a way to set its pilots apart from their peers. To do this, it paired with Under Armour, one of the most prolific names in the sportswear industry. Developed and designed in unison with Virgin’s Pilot Corps, these non-pressurized suits embody the elegance (and tact) of the program’s participants, channeling inspiration from the speed of sound to create something practical, comfortable, and timeless. With a focus on utility, movement, and temperature regulation, each flight-grade fabric suit clocks in at just over one kilogram, ensuring that it remains strong, lightweight, and malleable as wearers break the sound barrier. Enhanced cushioning in targeted areas of the garment helps to keep pilots comfortable in zero-gravity situations, while sections imbued with specialized, knitted fabrics promote ample temperature regulation. We’ve only skimmed the surface on Virgin Galactic’s newest spacesuit, so head to the company’s website to learn more.

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