Virgin Galactic Unveils Its First Class III Spaceship With The ‘VSS Imagine’

With a now-bustling private sector, commercial space travel appears to be closer to our reach than ever before thanks to companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX leading the charge. Another leading force in this segment is undoubtedly Virgin Galactic, which, after reaching a myriad of other groundbreaking achievements in the space, has just unveiled its latest interstellar-ready vessel with the “VSS Imagine.”

Virgin Galactic’s first (class 3) Spaceship III, VSS Imagine combines design elements from existing private jets with that of crafts from futuristic sci-fi films while its mirror-like livery affords some neo-retro space-age vibes. In addition to boasting ground-breaking technology, VSS Imagine was engineered to be as modular as possible, allowing Virgin to easily make changes and tweaks as needed, thereby keeping production and manufacturing costs down. VSS Imagine is slated to begin ground testing and glide flights later this summer, before commencing the manufacturing of VSS Inspire, Virgin’s next Spaceship III class ship which eventually aims to fly 400 flights each year. For more information on this ambitious project or to be one of the first to book your own seat aboard one of Virgin Galactic’s upcoming flights, you can check out the full press release linked below.

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