Virgin Galactic Unveils Delta-Wing Mach 3 Spacecraft

Virgin Galactic has had its sights set on the stars since the spaceflight agency’s inception in 2004. And though the Richard Branson-backed company has produced some noteworthy projects over its 16-year history, Virgin Galactic has recently been making considerable headway in its extraterrestrial efforts, culminating in the unveiling of plans for the new Mach 3 High-Speed Aircraft.

The cutting-edge Mach 3-certified delta-wing aircraft aims to carry 9 to 19 passengers to an altitude of over 60,000’ (or 11.36 miles) above the earth while using a more sustainable aviation fuel that mitigates environmental impact and allows for less exorbitant prices. The cabin of the ship features a modular design that can accommodate a wide variety of customer needs, in addition to sporting regular Business and First Class configurations. After previously collaborating with NASA on its high-speed vehicle technology, Virgin Galactic has now entered into an agreement with Rolls-Royce to produce the propulsion system for the Mach 3. Between the nose of the ship and the distinctive delta wings, it’s clear the Mach 3 is taking a few pages from the Concorde playbook, which makes sense considering Rolls’ experience in the supersonic sector. For more info on the Mach 3 project, you can check out the press release linked below.

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