Vintage Apple Sneakers

Will people actually line up for the new Apple HomePod? That is the question a lot of tech writers have been asking this week. We think the answer is a resounding yes, but not just because of the tech specs. We’re mostly pinning it on Apple’s brand power. Doubt us on that? Just check out the listing price for these Vintage Apple Sneakers.

Exclusively made in the 1990s for employees of the then more modest computer company, only a small handful of these were ever actually produced. No one is looking to buy these sneakers because they look cool. They rival the Chef Curry in their derpy-ness. What is alluring about the sneakers, however, is that they’re part of the history of what is now the most highly valued company in the world. The fact that people are willing to put down what is the equivalent of 3 new Apple iMac Pros is both a testament to how culturally important this company has become, and an indication that no matter what the brand does – so long as it has an Apple logo on it it’ll garner attention.

Purchase: $15,000