Vinfast Looks To Put Vietnam On The Automotive Map With A Sleek 420HP SUV

Vinfast might not ring a bell in the western automotive world, but as one of Vietnam’s first vehicle manufacturers, they’ve helped to define the country’s endeavor into the global market. While they’ve created and crafted a handful of lesser-known platforms, the President — a new, $164,000 luxury SUV that elaborates on the company’s 2019 Geneva Motor Show reveal — has caught the interest of the genre’s critics.

Based on the Lux V8 prototype that Vinfast presented in 2019, this lavish SUV is slated to be the most expensive vehicle the outfit has ever produced. Rightfully so, considering the fact that its production run will be limited to only 500 units, and take on a GM-sourced 6.2-liter V8 engine that’s capable of producing upward of 420 horsepower. Thanks to its full-fledged AWD system and eight-speed automatic transmission, the President promises to steal the hearts of eastern buyers (and quite possibly, tug at the heartstrings of some westerners), due to its athletic 6.8-second 0-62 mile-per-hour sprint. However, the vehicle’s design is the true star of the show. As Vinfast’s prominent entry into the luxury space, the President has adopted a sleek exterior that’s sharp in all the right places, showing its worth through an attractive vented hood, subtle copper trim, and lavish, wood-adorned interior. Head to Vinfast’s website for more information.

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