ViewSonic’s M2e Projector Can Focus & Format Instantly & Automatically

More and more people are turning to portable projectors for their entertainment needs thanks to their mobility and the gigantic viewing displays they produce. But one drawback of portable projectors is they often require a lot of adjustment before you get the picture just right. Now, ViewSonic has found a solution for this problem with their new M2e projector.

The ViewSonic M2e utilizes an instant auto-focus feature and automatic horizontal/vertical keystone correction, meaning your display will be picture-perfect within seconds of turning on the device. This feature alone would make the M2e a no-brainer for anyone looking to pick up a portable projector, but ViewSonic sweetens the pot by adding integrated Harman Kardon speakers, WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB-C connectivity, solid-state LED lighting, full 1080p resolution, and Cinema SuperColor+ technology that delivers 125% Rec. 709 color accuracy and supports HDR content. Oh, and the device measures only 7.2” in diameter, 2.1” tall, and weighs just over two pounds. The ViewSonic M2e retails for $576.

Purchase: $576