Victorinox Wine Master Swiss Army Knife

A lot of guys scoff at the idea of drinking wine, but the fact remains that great men were imbibing the grape-based alcoholic beverage long before the existence of whiskey, rum, gin, etc. And we’ll stand by our appreciation of it proudly, especially when it gets validated in the form of a killer everyday carry pocket folder, like the Victorinox Wine Master Swiss Army Knife.

Based on their excellent Ranger platform, this folder – which is made from stainless steel and your choice of either walnut or olive wood scales – is specifically designed around popping the cork of your favorite cabernet, pinot, or whatever else. You see, it’s equipped with a 5-coil corkscrew (to prevent cork breakage), a serrated foil cutter, and a two-hinged lever that doubles as a bottle opener. And it still has a 4″ knife blade on top of that. If you’re a fan of both wine and everyday carry, there’s arguably never been a better pocket knife for you. Get your hands on one for $162.

Purchase: $162