This Japanese-Inspired Damascus Santoku Knife Is A Home Chef Holy Grail

Of all the possible kitchen tools one might have, the most important by any measure is undoubtedly a chef knife. And if you’re serious about cooking — be that as an amateur or on a professional level — you should probably be willing to invest in a high-quality chef knife. And you can’t do much better than the Victorinox Swiss Modern Santoku Damast Limited Edition 2020 you see here.

Inspired by Japanese design, this Santoku offers the perfect blend of precision and high-volume capabilities made to chop, slice, and dice a wide variety of ingredients — including meat, fish, and vegetables. Its well-balanced blade is built from Thor Damasteel, which is both beautiful to behold and offers both great durability and edge retention, and its mated to a sturdy and handsome walnut handle. Limited to just 1,884 pieces, this limited-edition chef necessity is priced at $600 each. Sure, that price might be a bit high, but this is a knife that could last for generations — and it certainly won’t stay on the shelves for long.

Purchase: $600