Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Watch

Perhaps the worst part of working at a cinder block factory – other than the fact that you have to tell people you work at a cinder block factory – is the occasional  bone-crushing cinder block falling on your person. Besides the pain, think of what they do to wristwatches. Dear heavens!

The designers at Victorinox Swiss Army have clearly thought of that, as they’re unveiling the INOX, a watch that’s destined for the arms of cinder block factory employees everywhere. Made from a solid stainless steel block, this timepiece gets the added protectuion of a removable nylon and silicone bumper. Each INOX is rigorously tested, including making sure it can withstand a 10-meter drop onto concrete, as well as the weight of a 25-ton truck rolling over it. For whatever reason, there’s been a shortage of cinder block test participants, but we’re sure it’ll do just fine there. [Purchase]