Victorinox Jetsetter@work Alox S.A.K.

Victorinox has been making tools for well over a century at this point. That makes the fact that they are still constantly innovating all the more impressive. And they don’t appear to be slowing down, as the Swiss brand has slipped another impressive addition into their catalogue with the Red Dot design award-winning Jetsetter@work S.A.K.

This minimalist folding tool was designed with modern travelers in mind – incorporating five functional tools into its construction, as well as a removable 16 gig USB 3.0 flash drive. The other tools include scissors, a wire stripper, a magnetic Philips screwdriver, a key ring, and – of course – a bottle opener. The next time you’re headed out on the road a bit, bring this bad boy with you as a part of your everyday carry and you won’t be disappointed.

Purchase: $42