Victorinox’s ‘My I.N.O.X.’ Custom Program Offers 15K Watch Combinations

If you’re a fan of utilitarian wristwear, Victorinox is already on your radar. The brand’s I.N.O.X. has been a staple within the world of well-informed watches for some time now, making its recognizable silhouette a must-have within any notable collection. But what if we told you that you could create your very own I.N.O.X., and cater it to your unique tastes? Well, that’s becoming a reality, thanks to Victorinox’s “My I.N.O.X.” program.

Victorinox understands the struggle for personalization, expression, and creative freedom. That’s why the brand has introduced its very own customization program, dubbed “My I.N.O.X.,” for those looking to bring their own flavor to one of its most popular silhouettes. Interested parties will be able to choose from a number of different traits, including three different case materials, seven dial colors, 15 straps, and seven unique bumper hues, resulting in over 15,000 potential variations. Each example boasts a unique carbon composite construction that’s been used in space-faring shuttles and has undergone 130 real-life homologation tests to ensure its dependability. As an aside, each watch will also come with a personalized Swiss Army Knife — an homage to the brand’s utilitarian roots within EDC. Head to Victorinox’s website to build your own for $595 and up.

Purchase: $595