Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife

You might know the name Victorinox as the company that brought us the Swiss Army Knife. You might also know that SAKs are a pretty polarizing product. Some people love them for how incredibly versatile they are as multitools. Others find their small blades to be a bit wanting. Well, if you’re a member of the latter group, we’ve got some good news. Victorinox has released a much beefier blade that they are calling the Hunter Pro.

We immediately fell in love with this blade based on one simple fact: Victorinox actually designed it with American hunters in mind. They realized that U.S. outdoorsmen tend to be pretty demanding of their blades and don’t need or want all the bells and whistles of your typical Swiss Army Knife. So they designed for us an ergonomic back-lock folding knife – which comes with either a polyamide or walnut scaled handle – that can be opened with just one hand. Measuring up at 9 inches overall and weighing just 5.7 ounces, this knife promises to get the job done with little fuss and be ready for whatever task comes next. You can pick one up now for just $60. [Purchase]