Victor Axe Manitou Half Hatchet

Over the course of human history, there’s been little change to the need for a hatchet. Fire equals warmth and wood fuels fire. Be it at the campsite or for some winter warmth by the fireplace, collecting and chopping wood requires a quality hatchet that’s dependable and well-made right here in America.

Forged in the Midwest by BARCO Industries, the Manitou hatchet is 13” in length and features a half head pattern with an octagonal hammer face that’s been sharpened and polished for a perfect presentation. The 100 percent Hickory handle is also finished with red paint and an all-weather polyurethane topcoat that will keep it functional for years to come. Any exposed wood is also treated with Linseed oil as well. In addition, this half hatchet comes with a premium handmade leather holster head cover that enables you to carry this bad boy on your hip too. And to top it all off, the neck and shoulders are wrapped in 10’ of Mil-Spec 550 paracord in case you find yourself needing some at a moments notice. Available now for $135. [Purchase]

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