Victor Axe And Tool Charcoal Axe Collection

The Grand Rapids, Michigan based-tool company Victor Axe and Tool is apparently taking ‘Black Friday’ pretty literally this year with the release of their Charcoal Axe Collection.

Three of the brand’s axes, the Half Hatchet, the Hudson Bay Axe, and the Boy’s Axe are going to be available for preorder on the Friday after Thanksgiving in an incredibly badass all over black. The Half Hatchet, featuring a 1.25 pound 1060-1078 grade alloy steel open face die drop forged head made right here in the U.S. will be called the ‘Bolton’. Fitting for the aggressive half-hammer half-hatchet look on the 13 inch tool. The Hudson Bay and Boy’s Axe will both feature axe heads that were drop forged with 51060 alloy steel, one featuring the Hudson bay pattern, and the other with a Dayton pattern and measuring in at 23 inches and 28 inches long respectively. All handles are made from pure American mahogany, and are dyed a deep, dark black. Now that is one thing we may actually be willing to line up for this Black Friday. You can pre-order these starting the 25th of November.