Vibram Ruggedizes Flip Flops With The Tropical Carrarmato Sandal

With a variety of companies capitalizing on the seasonal transition toward warm weather, sandals have once again flooded the market. Every year, we’re reminded of how essential this footwear staple really is — but this season, we’ve come to understand the need for a more technical approach to the classic; something that the industry-leading manufacturers at Vibram are happy to abide.

To contend against a handful of technical sandal options this summer, the creators of the world’s most trusted outsole have decided to join the fray. In collaboration with Brazilian designers, Fernando, and Humberto Campana, the prolific outdoor brand has announced a revitalization of the Carrarmato, a high-performance rubber outsole that was created by Vitale Bramani in 1937. Inspired by the component’s hard-wearing traits, Vibram has created the Tropical Carrarmato, a dual-construction sole made from rubber and EVA. Aside from retaining many of the brand’s characteristic attributes, like slip resistance, enhanced grip, and durability, the sole has also been treated with anti-microbial and anti-aging treatments to combat inhibitors often associated with extensive outdoor use. The first article of footwear to don the Carrarmato sole is none other than the company’s Tropical Carrarmato Sandal — an original design that’s been conceptualized to bridge the gap between mountaineering and urban use. No information has been released in regards to pricing, so keep your eyes peeled for more information via Vibram’s website.

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