VHS Camcorder App for iPhone

There’s an undeniable charm that came with VHS tapes. No matter how many times you watched your favorite VHS movie, it would work every time you went to use it. Sure, you had to adjust the tracking once in awhile, but the nuts and bolts were always there, and you didn’t have to worry about scratching it like you would a Blu-Ray disc. If you wanted to relive the glory days of the VHS and shoot your own footage, now you can with the VHS Camcorder App.

It’s available on iPhones, and the software allows you to create video footage that looks like it has been taken with an old school camcorder before sitting in a garage for 30 years. Each video created contains all the right levels of static and hissing, with video that has been degraded significantly. If you’re into nostalgia, the app is available for $3.99. [Purchase]