VFO HD Camera Frisbee

If there’s anything we’ve come to realize, it’s that people love sharing their adventures almost as much as they like having them in the first place. And that doesn’t mean just posting photos and videos to Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook – it means capturing them in new and exciting ways. With summer finally here, we’ve found a new device that’s perfect for those looking to film their warm weather experiences: the VFO HD Camera Frisbee.

The idea is pretty simple: take a normal piece of summer beach gear – the frisbee – and mount a camera to the top of it. But, to ensure that you get the best footage possible, the VFO (short for Video Flying Object) has a camera with an independent bearing between the tech and the frisbee itself with a tail to make sure that, with every toss, the camera points toward its destination. It’s also housed in a water-resistant case and comes with an 8-gig microSD card to capture your videos in 720p HD. If this $60 device doesn’t add another dimension to your summertime exploits, we’re not sure anything else will.

Purchase: $60