Vessi Waterproof Knit Shoes

Vessi, a small company based out of Vancouver, started out with a simple proposition — the weather shouldn’t dictate your style. Now, after two years of development, the young brand is realizing that vision with their newly announced Waterproof Knit Shoes.

These sneakers boast an attractive knit upper with 4-way stretch and loose, thick laces that drape themselves over the midfoot. So, put another way, these shoes look like most all popular sneakers today. But what sets these sneakers apart from all the others others out there is something you can’t see. Underneath that comfortable knit upper is a proprietary waterproof membrane that manages to wick sweat from your foot while also keeping snow, water, and muck out. As a result, these sneakers are ideal for wearing during any time of the year – whether raining, snowing, or bright and sunny.

Kickstarter: $100+