Vessi Beer Fermenter

Brewing beer is a craft that’s about as old as man himself. In fact, evidence suggests ancient civilizations began fermenting their own alcoholic spirits as far back as the Mesopotamian Era. And though we have experienced eons of technological advancement since those days, the personal brewing system seemed to have hit a ceiling within the past two decades. The Vessi Beer Fermenter, however, hopes to change all that.

With its pressurized fermenting system, home brewers can go from pitching the yeast to pouring their own beer in 7 days. And as any homebrewer knows, it’s the series of stages after the initial brew that are most cumbersome and risky for cross-contamination: the siphoning, transferring, sanitizing, bottling. Each stage presents a new opportunity for bacteria to infect your beer with off flavors. However with the Vessi, up to 6 gallons of home-brew is safe from the elements.

To use the system simply follow the normal brewing instructions that yield your wort. Then transfer the wort into the Vessi, then pitch the yeast and sit back while its pressured system ferments the beer. If it requires secondary fermentation, you can clear the sediment using their Sediment Clearing System and continue fermenting while adding any additions to the tank as needed. And once the beer is ready, it pours straight from the tap. Voila! Reservations for the Vessi start at $1,400 on Indiegogo. [Purchase]

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