Vespa Electtrica

Out of all of the motor vehicles out there, the last one you’d think would need to ditch the petrol and go in for an electric engine would be Vespa. The scooters already get unreal gas mileage as it is. That hasn’t seemed to stop the Piaggio Group from announcing their first all electric ride, the Vespa Elettrica.

Other than the fact that we know that the scooter will sport an aggressive electric blue stripe down the side and run on nothing but electricity, there actually aren’t a whole lot of specs or details out yet. At the very least, we do know that it will be available sometime during the middle of next year. It’ll surely be a go-to for those looking for something small, convenient, and easy to drive scooter for getting around the city. While no official word is out on the Vespa, one can expect to see it debut somewhere around $10,000. [Purchase]