Venturi Antarctica All-Electric Rover

There are few places on the surface of the Earth that have yet to be explored, but both the Arctic and Antarctic circles remain relatively alien in regards to mankind. That’s about to change, thanks to an innovative new all-electric, ice-bound rover from the famed Formula E group, Venturi.

The 4,000 pound Venturi Antarctica Rover is an expeditionary vehicle that’s poised to help scientists explore winter’s uncharted wilds, utilizing a zero-emission platform and battery powered treads that will allow for transportation and utility over a variety of snow-covered terrain. With weather and cold-resistance that reach all the way to down -40 degrees Celsius, the environmentally-conscious rover was produced using Venturi’s race proven electronic battery system and houses an 80-horsepower engine that boasts a range of up to 28 miles, with a land speed of around 12.5 mph. Although the performance specs aren’t staggering, the rover will prove invaluable to researchers and scientists in the future who hope to traverse the foreign landscape in a non-invasive way.

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