Vélosophy’s Sustainable Bicycles Are Made With Recycled Nespresso Pods

The characteristic attractiveness of a well-built bicycle is something that’s inherently acquired, oftentimes, through the ability to perceive and evaluate its minimalistic purpose. While any off-the-shelf cycle can fulfill its city-faring mission, it takes a special company to create something timeless, authentic, and true to the medium’s topography. Vélosophy, an acclaimed sustainable Swedish bicycle builder, has created one such offering.

The company’s emphasis on simplicity is striking, to say the least. Earlier this year, Vélosophy won the hearts and minds of the cycling community by crafting an example entirely from recycled Nespresso pods. And now, they’ve decided to carry that mindset forward. In each of their newest examples, you’ll find an attention to detail that’s relatively unparalleled, soliciting the passion of both the builders and the company’s visionary founder, Jimmy Östholm. From the get-go, Vélosophy set out to create an essential commuter that portrayed the company’s love for the environment, and one that sought to give back to its community. The result was the Comfort — a stylish, classically-inclined transport that’s been adorned with everything from an anti-rust chain and a smooth-shifting SRAM 3-speed integrated hub, all the way to a 6061 Recycled Aluminium frame with internal cable routing. Its saddle and grips are crafted from finely-sourced Vegan leather and stitched in a unique way, complementing the bike’s relaxed stature and upright seating position. Better yet, with each purchase, Vélosophy has pledged to donate another bicycle to children in a developing country, bringing them hope of a brighter future. If you’re a fan of Swedish simplicity, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a commuter that’s as fashionable, and functional, for a price of $920.

Purchase: $920