Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle

Whether you are going for a cold weather day-hike through the woods in Western Massachusetts are hitting the trails in Southern California’s desert landscape, having a good water bottle is an essential part of being prepared. Vargo’s Titanium Para-Bottle is rugged enough to stand up to serious wear and tear while also being light enough for easy carry.

Designed to be totally biocompatible, this bottle constructed with pure grade titanium doesn’t leach chemicals when it heats up or corrode over time so you can reach for a drink without having to worry. Ensuring you can fill up this 1 liter bottle while deep in the woods, the folks at Vargo have outfitted each bottle with a top wide enough to fit the majority of water filters on the market. If you ever end up in a tight spot, the 7 foot long paracord loop attaching the decagonal lid to the bottle can be removed quickly and easily. Price is set at $159. [Purchase]

Titanium Para-Bottle by Vargo 1

Titanium Para-Bottle by Vargo 2

Titanium Para-Bottle by Vargo 3