A Historic British Racing Team Returns With 6 Vintage F1 Continuation Cars

In the final years of front-engined Formula 1, Vanwall was one of the most influential (and legendary) automotive teams in Britain. While the outfit was credited with the creation of some of the genre’s winningest race platforms during the 1950s, it fell to the wayside in the following decades, leaving only its lineage for future generations. Now, the brand has finally reemerged for an interesting six-piece “continuation” collection.

Inspired in look and shape by the brand’s original models, the six heritage-borne vehicles will make their debut for private buyers at the tail-end of the year. Five of these vehicles will find their way into the hands of verified owners for a clean and cool $2.14 million each, with the sixth example being retained by the brand to provide the foundation for its Vanwall Historic Racing Team. To keep the cars as authentic as possible, the continuation models will utilize original drawings and blueprints from the team’s 1950s platforms, taking on similarities in their aerodynamic bodies, vintage wheels, and a 270-horsepower 2.5-liter engine. Perhaps the most interesting piece of information, however, is that Vanwall’s continuation series will serve as a study for the brand’s road-faring platforms in the future, hinting at the possibility of a consumer model. Head to Goodwood’s report to learn more.

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