Vans X Finisterre Surf Adventure Sneakers

Oct 26, 2017

Category: Style

Vans, the famed sneaker brand, has collaborated with a lot of noteworthy companies and properties, including Star Wars, Disney, Peanuts, and more. But their most noteworthy collabs emerge when they pair up with folks who share their love of surfing, skating, and snowboarding. And their newest mashup with Finisterre fits that bill perfectly.

Coalescing as a trio of sneakers – the classic Authentic, a chukka, and the brand’s new Ultrarange high top – these pieces of footwear were specifically designed to be worn by cold weather surfers. As such, they’ve all been weatherized (garnering the coveted MTE stamp), feature a beefed-up trail-friendly sole, and are built to take a beating. All three also have their own little idiosyncrasies that help them stand out. More specifically, the Authentic features reflective laces, the chukka has a sherpa fleece inner, and the Ultrarange high top garners insulated panelling. Depending upon which pair of these stand-out adventure sneakers suits you, prices range from $99-$125.

Purchase: $99+

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