Vans Surf Boots

If you follow professional surfing then you’ve likely seen Dane Reynold and Patrick Gudauskas sporting custom Vans surf booties around Ventura and San Clemente this year. While the pros always seem to get exclusive access to the coolest custom neoprene in town, that’s about to change tomorrow with the release of two new surf boots.

The skate-inspired Mid Surf Boots are designed to feel like a second skin for unmatched control and board-feel in warm-water surf conditions while protecting your feet from the reef and rocks below. They feature a perforated neoprene upper that allows water to exit quickly so you’re not towing extra weight behind your board. The Surf Boot Hi is a traditional cold-water surfing bootie featuring Van’s liquid rubber-dipped upper for warmth and durability, as well as a high neoprene ankle to help keep excess water from seeping in. Both booties sport the company’s iconic Sidestripe with checkerboard detailing and the non-slip waffle grip we all know and love. The Mid and Hi versions are available right now.

Purchase: $65+