Vans’ New Exp Pro Sneaker Is A Next Gen Slip-On For Skateboarding

With a company like Vans, branding is key. Since the fabled footwear outfit came together all the way back in 1966, it’s become synonymous with west-coast lifestyle, making its revered catalog as memorable as the back of your hand; and now, for the tail-end of 2019, the company will take on an entirely new silhouette — the Slip-On Exp Pro.

The Slip-On Exp Pro is a brand new offering from the California-based manufacturer, but thanks to its relatable silhouette, it’s immediately recognizable as a Vans product. It was birthed as an offshoot of the brand’s legendary Slip-On variant and redefined to meet the standards of today’s modern skateboarding community through precise engineering, robust reinforcement, and impingent functionality. Like its predecessor, the Exp Pro sports a laceless upper and a low-profile orientation — but that’s where the similarities end. The shoe enters a new realm of capability thanks to its newly-implemented Velcro strap, an enhanced midsole, and Vans WaffleControl technology, which boasts a deeper tread pattern to increase grip and tactile board feel. Head over to Vans’ website to check out the Exp Pro prior to release in November, where it will retail for $75.

Purchase: $75