VanMoof Electrified S2 Bike

Dutch bike manufacturer VanMoof has improved upon their smartphone-connected e-bike, speeding further into the future with their latest offering to the world of electric two-wheelers. VanMoof’s Electrified S2 bike is a vast improvement compared to their already stellar Electrified S, providing everything you need in an urban cruiser.

There are a plethora of improvements in the sleek Electrified S2 bike. It has an integrated invisible 504Wh battery that can be charged up to 100% in only four hours or juiced up halfway in about 80 minutes. On the right handle of the bike is a ‘Turbo Boost’ button, giving you instant control over the bike’s acceleration, allowing you to hit a maximum speed of 20 mph. For improved protection, it has a tamper detection system with a raucous alarm that sounds off when a thief tries to swipe it. And, it has a 166-LED matrix display to light up the frame for an interactive ride and better visibility at night. Just like its predecessor, you can unlock the electric bike automatically with your smartphone. You can reserve the Electrified S2 for $100 right now.

Purchase: $2,600