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Valve Is Ready To Dominate VR Gaming With Their Index Headset

There are a lot of options on the market right now if you’re looking for a virtual reality headset for your video gaming endeavors. And while most of them are good at one thing — be that in the realm of graphics, sound, comfort, or otherwise — few of them take the experience into account as a whole. Valve, the game streaming giant, is poised to change that with their Index virtual reality headset.

Inside the headset, you’ll find dual RGB LCD displays with a resolution of 1440×1600 each that boast 50% more sub-pixels than OLEDs — meaning you get more clarity and sharpness with less of the “screen door” effect. And while the whole rig runs at a standard 120Hz, it also comes with back-compatibility to 90Hz and an experimental 144Hz mode that’s practically indistinguishable from real life. Those visuals are mated to a best-in-class audio system with off-ear speakers that are both more immersive and more comfortable than standard headphones. And the universal adjustable ergonomics allow for unmatched comfort, which pairs perfectly with its soft, antimicrobial fabrics. Available as individual pieces or a full kit for $999 — which includes the headset, 87-sensor controllers, and base stations — Valve’s Index is set to ship by July 31st of this year.

Purchase: $499+