Valtra T234 Tractor

When most people think of a Red Dot design award winner, the first thing that’ll pop into their mind is probably some turtle-neck wearing product designer from the Bay Area. Well that dynamic got upended when the Valtra T series tractor was given the award this past year.

Packed with 7.4-liter AGCO Power engine that pumps out 250 horses and 737 pound-feet of torque, this engine isn’t only powerful, it’s efficient. Engineers at Valtra have made it so the engine matches the forward speed with the RPMs, reducing any wasted energy so you can plow fields or move equipment without wasting gas. Covered in 66 square feet of glass, the super wide cabin provides 360 degree views and is built to be comfortable even for the tallest driver. All in all, this thing looks both fun to drive and totally reliable – definitely deserving of that fancy award.

Valtra Tractor 4

Valtra Tractor 6

Vlatra Tractor 3

Vlatra Tractor 6

Valtra Tractor 00