Valmor’s V3 Blaze Is A Minimalist EDC Wallet With Ample Card & Cash Storage

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As the world continues to move in a more technologically advanced direction, traditional bi and trifold wallets are increasingly becoming obsolete. The ability to accommodate and rapidly deploy tappable credit cards, quick-scan transit tickets, and workplace ID cards is becoming a must, as is RFID-blocking. And while some outfits have attempted to modify existing wallet designs, Valmor Design instead opted to engineer the perfect, no-nonsense EDC wallet from the ground up, ultimately giving way to the New York-based design company’s V3 Blaze Wallet.

Made from top-grain wax leather, this minimalist cash and cardholder was designed to store everything needed to talk on the daily grind. This means a central RFID-shielded card pocket with room for 4-5 cards, a two-card front pocket, and a heavy-duty elastic strap that holds an additional 4-6 cards. Furthermore, the V3 packs a coin pocket, GPS tracker pocket, and a quick-access slide pocket for frequently scanned cards, all in a compact package measuring just 0.2” thick, 3” wide, and 4” long. On top of its compact nature and ample storage space, what sets the V3 Blaze apart from other wallets on the market is its simple and intuitive organization system that makes accessing a given card or bill a breeze, putting an end to awkwardly riffling through your brick of a wallet at checkout. Backed by a one-year warranty, the Valmor Design V3 Blaze wallet has been priced at $24 and is slated to begin deliveries in May of 2020.

Purchase: $24