Vagabund Takes On Four-Wheeled Off-Roading With The Lada Niva 4×4

If you’ve become well-acquainted with Vagabund Moto’s projects over the last five years, you’ll likely know that attention to detail, distinct design, and functional purpose are all well within the company’s purview. While they’ve spent the better part of their existence working on eye-catching motorcycle platforms, the crew has finally taken their talent to the four-wheeled realm — shown here with the Lada Niva Custom 4×4.

There’s no doubt that the Vagabund Moto Lada Niva 4×4 is utilized as a shop vehicle, helping the team to transport and relocate their bikes, parts, and products to different areas of Austria. As an interesting take on the Russian Lada, this aesthetically-pleasing machine has been given that recognizable Vagabund “touch,” courtesy of interior and exterior upgrades like an improved roof rack system, branding, paint, and an off-road-focused wheel and tire package. Despite a severe lack of information on the vehicle’s inner workings, it’s clear that the Lada has been refined for use by one of the custom moto world’s most influential companies. Head to Vagabund’s Facebook for more information.

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