V4 Extreme Pogo Stick

One of the all-time disappointments has to be the pogo stick. Remember how amazing those things looked when you were a kid? Then you got on one and it was all “OK, I think Scooby is back from commercial by now.”

But Vurtego’s V4 could redefine the pogo stick, with users able to reach a whopping 10 feet of air in some cases. The secret sauce is the adjustable air-spring that lets anyone from 75 lbs. to NFL lineman weight hop on the V4; just add or release as much air as you want to change the stiffness of the bounce and the bounce height. With an aircraft aluminum casing, stainless steel slide-shaft, and shock absorber, the V4 is designed for serious stunts too. Indiegogo pledges start at $365, with an estimated delivery this August. Check out the video below. [Purchase]