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The Battery-Powered ‘UVMASK’ Uses Advanced Filters To Stop Germs

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Ultra-violet light has been proven to be an incredibly effective means of sterilizing germs and bacteria and is often utilized in industrial-grade air cleaners and water purifiers. Well-aware of this scientific fact, Colorado-based biotech outfit, UM Systems has bestowed the modern reusable face mask with integrated UV filtration tech to deliver the UVMASK.

Designed in America and manufactured in Japan, the UVMASK consist of a protective outer shell and a second inner shell that house a high-efficiency air filter, and a Sterile Vortex UC-V filtration system with a pair of 25,000μW/cm² UV-C LEDs that’s magnified via a quartz chamber wall. Equipped with adjustable straps, the UVMASK also sports a soft silicone inner-most layer that provides comfort while creating an airtight seal. Integrated batteries afford eight hours of active UV-C filtration, too. Blocking out particulates that are 100-times smaller than a grain of flour, the mask also boasts replaceable CE-FFP2 air filters. And, on top of serving as an absolutely stellar piece of PPE for everyday use on the streets, the UVMASK is also good for standing up to the particles released when sanding, painting, or doing composite or fiberglass work. Available now on the company’s already completely-funded Kickstarter campaign, the UM Systems UVMASK is available for order now, starting from $99.

Kickstarter: $99+