USPS Star Ribbon Forever Stamp

The famous American graphic designer Aaron Draplin — known for the vintage-inspired Field Notes pocket notebooks — took on a patriotic postage stamp project. The USPS Star Ribbon Forever Stamp by Draplin is contemporary, yet still has a retro vibe similar to his work with Field Notes.

The stamp features a star made from tri-colored red, white, and blue ribbon, which also forms a white star with the empty space in the center to become the focal point. Slight gradients used in the colors of the ribbon give it a sense of depth and tangibility. Draplin’s design is intended to represent the connection between American people. The Star Ribbon stamp will be sold in coils of 10,000 and panes of 20. You can grab the tiny piece of artwork to decorate your next piece of mail for $0.55.

Purchase: $0.55+