UsBidi Smartphone Charger

The world of smartphone charging cables doesn’t see a great deal of innovation. Mostly, we’re all still using those poorly made Micro USB or Lightning cables that came with our phone. Now, there’s a new entrant into the smartphone accessory market called UsBidi.

It’s an intelligent smartphone charging cable that improves upon the cables you’re likely currently using. Not only do these cables have cool-looking designs, but they’re also technologically advanced. Most notably, the cord automatically shuts off power completely once your device is fully charged, thereby eliminating the fear of overcharging your device (which is harmful to your precious battery). It also doubles the charging speed of any computer USB cable, and it has an LED indicator that shows you the charging status without having to reach for your phone and slide it on. It uses magnetic ends for a strong hold. The cable is available now for an early backer price of $16 on Kickstarter. [Purchase]