Urwerk UR-110 Watch

For the man who craves something unique on his wrist, there are plenty of options. But when all of those guys get together in a room, if you still want to be the one who stands out, give the Urwerk UR-110 a glimpse.

The UR-110 continues URWERK’s offbeat tradition of telling time via orbiting satellite complications. What’s that mean? Yeah, we’re not sure either (C+ in Science). We do know that the hours are shown in a series of rotating modules, while the minutes are displayed on the right side in a downward moving scale. The UR-110 also features a day/night indicator and service interval display on the front, while around back you’ll notice the automatic winding system regulated by dual turbines, and it’s all held together by a titanium case. Uniqueness has its price, though; be prepared to fork over high five figures. [Purchase]

Urwerk UR-110 Watch 2

Urwerk UR-110 Watch 3

Urwerk UR-110 Watch 4

Urwerk UR-110 Watch 5