Urwerk Atomic Master Clock

Though leaps and bounds have been made regarding the accuracy and functional lifespan of wristwatches, these little EDC accessories still aren’t perfect. And most folks don’t mind dealing with those little issues. For those who are obsessed with to-the-letter efficiency and veracity, however, there’s now a solution: Urwerk’s AMC.

Short for Atomic Master Clock, this impressive mechanical package actually comes in two parts, an actual watch and an aluminum cased hybrid winder and regulator – though we are focused mainly on the latter. With a unique movement and 4-day power reserve, we wouldn’t call the watch commonplace, by any stretch, but its impressiveness is eclipsed by the larger device. Weighing 55 pounds and encased in solid aluminum, this gadget (an homage to and interpretation of the Breguet Sympathique) physically interfaces with the watch to wind and regulate it to be accurate to the nanosecond. All you have to do is plug it in and it automatically uses onboard GPS to ascertain the appropriate time and works completely autonomously from that point forward.

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