UrbanAlps Stealth Key

With the increasing advancements in technology, it is getting easier and easier for criminals to break into your home. You may or may not be aware of this, but – with the right knowhow – it’s actually possible to make a copy of your standard house keys from just a photograph. Thankfully, the folks at UrbanAlps are going the extra mile to protect your abode from anyone trying to sneak in with a copy via the creation of their newest device: the Stealth Key.

While it won’t stop anyone from smashing your windows (or picking your lock), this device will go a long way toward protecting your home from unwanted guests who think they can sneak in unnoticed. And that’s because of its clever tooth-hiding design. Made from titanium and 3D printed, this key features a wrap-around design that will stop anyone from trying to make a copy via a photograph or even a mold. Best of all, it doesn’t rely on technology to work – so even if the grid goes out or your tech runs out of batteries, you’ll still be able to get yourself into the safety of your own home. The brand is running a limited pilot program right now, but you can also preorder a padlock and two keys with the same technology for about $1,060.

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