Urban Cultivator

There’s no need to go out into the awful, scarring sunshine just to do a little urban gardening. Now you can have all the lovely wheat grass and home grown herbs you desire with an Urban Cultivator. Built with the body of an under counter fridge, but capable of providing plants with all the nutrients they need to grow up big and strong, the Urban Cultivator is easily added to your home and will give you loads of organic foods for years.

Complete with seed packets that are completely free of GMOs, this is a greenhouse in your kitchen. The seasonings you grow will have the flavor of freshness, and the machine automates all the functions so your plants always get enough light and water. You don’t need a green thumb, you just need the ability to read a manual, put in the drawers, and push a button. [Purchase]

Urban Cultivator 2

Urban Cultivator 3

Urban Cultivator 4