Ural Sahara

Due to popular demand, the Ural Sahara is back on the market and ready to transport you and a lucky sidecar-seated travel mate wherever the dusty road may lead – from the backcountry to the desert to the African Plains. I mean, they don’t call it the Sahara for nothing.

Each Ural comes standard with a slew of features in addition to its 750cc OHV boxer twin engine boasting a 2WD option. Included is a universal spare tire, a luggage rack, black jerry can, utility shovel, tool kit, toolbox gas tank, and a sidecar accessories side panel for phone and tablet charging just to name a few. However, there are a number of upgradable options available such as an LED headlight, fog lights, a spotlight guard rack and fender rack for those interested as well. Buyers can also upgrade the exhaust system and tires along with a Warn ProVantage 2500-s Winch to get them out of any tight spots or even climb mountains. Clearly, it’s customizable nature makes the Sahara the perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts of all experience levels: from the weekend warrior to Navy Seals. Prices start at $18,000. [Purchase]

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