Ural’s ‘Red Sparrow’ Is An Eye-Catching Sidecar Moto Made For Off-Roading

It’s difficult to find a motorcycle/sidecar combo as iconic as a Ural, and today, the manufacturer’s hard-wearing vehicles are essentially the only on-road duo platforms that you can find with a notable history. Over the years, the company has completed various bespoke builds for customers, but the new “Red Sparrow” — a one-off version of its 2020 Gear Up 2WD — was created to stoke the creativity in its future consumers.

The Ural ‘Red Sparrow’ that you see here began as a base model of the Gear Up 2WD in the company’s west coast shop. After donning the outfit’s specialized Accent Package, which introduces a suite of eye-catching colors based on your personal preference, Ural’s designers continued to elaborate on the platform through the inclusion of a GPR Exhaust 2-in-1 High Pipe, a protective polyurethane undercoat, skid plate, and Heidenau tires. As a finishing touch, the bike’s kick-starter was painted in a saturated shade of red, acting as the basis for the rest of the Sparrow’s similarly-accented components. If you’d like to procure one of these powder-coated platforms for yourself, head to the company’s website, where you’ll be able to customize to your heart’s content.

Purchase: $24,249+